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Egg Roll in Rice Noodle, Vietnamese Style
A: Egg Rolls  

1 LB. of shrimp (deveined and shelled)

1/4 C. of dry wood ears (black fungus)

1/2 C. of bean threads (soak in water till soft)

1/2 LB. of crab meat

1/4 C. of carrot

2 T. of chopped shallot

1 T. of chopped garlic

B: Noodle  

1 LB. of Vietnamese vice vermicelli (rice noodle)

1 C. of shredded cucumber

20 sheets of rice paper

2 C. of shredded lettuce

1 C. of bean sprout

1/2 C. of mint

1/2 C. of cilantro

1 C. of crushed peanuts

C: Seasoning  

1 t. of salt

1/2 t. of sugar

dash of black pepper and MSG

Sauce Ingredient:  
1 1/2 C. of fish sauce 1 C. of sugar
2 C. of water 2/3 C. of vinegar
1 T. of chopped garlic and a little bit of Vietnamese chili garlic sauce (as desire)
  1. Cook the noodle in the boiling water for 8 minutes and rinse with cold water and drain. Place all the vegetables (except cilantro) in a bowl then put the noodle on it, and set aside.
  2. To make the sauce: mix all the sauce ingredients in a big bowl and ready to use.
  3. Mince all the ingredients finely, season with salt, sugar, black pepper and MSG and mix well. Soak rice paper in warm water till soft and place on the clean plate and wrap the filling and seal with flour-water paste or beaten-egg paste. Repeat for the rest of the ingredients. Deep-fry the egg rolls in hot oil until golden brown. And place egg roll on the noodle and put some cilantro, crushed peanut and the sauce, then serve.