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TACC Address & Tel:
  7838 Wilkerson Court
  San Diego, CA 92111
  Tel: (858)560-8884
  Fax: (858)560-9276
TACC Hours:
  Mon: Closed
  Tue - Thu: 10am - 9pm
  Fri: 10am - 10pm
  Sat: 10am - 6pm
  Sun: 12pm - 6pm
Below are the classes offered by TACC. Everyone is welcome! For more details please see YAM or contact TACC staff.
Latin Dance Aerobics
Date / Time: Suspended
Instructor Rochelle Wu (858) 436-4888
Fee: $40 for 10 classes. $20 donation to Taiwan Center if over $250 a year

Latin Dance Aerobics is the hottest new way to exercise and get fit while having fun burning away calories. Everybody is welcome.

Date / Time: Suspended
Instructor Jau-Fang Wu
Fee: $40 for 3 classes (4.5 hours)

Learn basic meditation.

Functional Aerobics Class (Suspended)
Day / Time:

Tuesdays & Fridays 10:15am - 12:00pm

Teacher: Katherine Xu.
Fee: $7.5/class (discount for >$240 per year donation)
Promote blood circulation, improve physical fitness and cardiovascular function
Aerobics Class
Day / Time:


Teacher: Suzy Wu
Fee: $50 for 10 classes
Aerobics, floor exercises, new dancing styles...
Wu-Styled Tai Chi
Day / Time:

Saturdays 10:00am - 12:00pm

Teacher: Yingli Hu (858-658-0436)
Fee: $50 for 10 classes (may enroll anytime)

Traditional 37-posture Tai Chi for self-defense and health.

Accent Reduction
Day / Time: Suspended
Teacher: Joanne Chen (858) 380-8538
Fee: Please contact Joanne Chen for detail.

Reduce your English accent.

Taiwanese Class
Day / Time: Wednesdays 1pm
Teacher: Steve Huang
Fee: $50 for 10 classes
Taiwanese Poems, Phonetics, Conversations, popular Taiwanese songs.
Yang-Styled Tai Chi (Suspended)
Day / Time:

Fridays 10:00am-11:30am

Teacher: TaiKwang Lee (858-560-8884)
Fee: $50 for 10 classes (may enroll anytime)

Yang-style in its many variations is the most popular and widely practised styles of Tai Chi in the world today and the second in terms of seniority among the primary five family styles of Tai Chi.

After retiring from pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Taikwang Lee was guided to enter the world of Tai Chi by Master Tai-liang Lee, the Grand Master of Xingyi chun. Dr. Lee studied chun, sword, broad knife, and short stick under Master Lee for three years. He then followed the two-time world champion Tai Chi master Mr. Chen Sitan and studied five years of chun, sword, and fan.

Kendo Class/ Beginner's Kendo Class
Day / Time: Fridays 6:45pm - 7:30pm (for Beginner)
Fridays 7:30pm - 9:30pm (for Regular)
Teacher: Frederick Lin, ( Kendo 5 -dan )

8 sessions $40 pay to TACC
( AUSKF Membership: $75/yr
Shinai: $30/ea )

Kendo teaches human etiquette, politeness, mutual respect and trust. It cultivates self-discipline, endurance, and unyielding guts to follow through. It develops a humble but calm mind and a healthy strong body .

You are earnestly welcome to join TACC Kendo Formosa regardless of the difference in age, gender, and nationality. Boys and girls are especially welcome.

Click the links below to view photos:

TACC Kendo Formosa 2008
TACC Kendo Formosa

Survival Mandarin Class
Date Please contact TACC 858-560-8884


Teacher: Susan Cheng

$30 for TAP members; $60 if non-TAP members. The fee will be collected by the Taiwan Center on the first day of class.

This is an intensive Chinese conversation class designed to prepare you to travel to a Mandarin speaking country, like Taiwan, during your summer vacation. The lessons will include the following topics:
- Asking directions, finding places for sight seeing
- Meeting friends and relatives, introducing yourself-where, who, what, when
- Going to restaurants
- Going shopping
- And anything else you want to learn - the teacher will design the lesson and teach to meet your needs.
- May integrate some Taiwanese vocabulary and phrase into lessons if people desire this.
Ms. Cheng was a language major in college. Ms. Cheng worked for an English teaching company, Studio Class.com, for 26 years. Ms. Cheng has taught Mandarin to both children and adults for last two years. Currently, Ms. Cheng is learning Japanese. So, she understands the difficulties and the fun of learning another language. Ms. Cheng will help you overcome language learnging barriers, and do her best to make the learning experience be fun and practical.